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one 'Kepler' crystal clear !

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Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort !

Let's simply put it this way, this is an extreme version of the 'big round' (15mm) and was created for the adventurous player wishing to discover new horizons !

The labour put into creating this pick is no joke, I need an hour of hard work to build one of them, this is currently the most technically demanding plectrum to build !

Exquisitely crafted and using a specially formulated high quality grade 'cross-linked cell cast acrylic' made in Switzerland, all Hufschmid cast acrylic picks come with what is known as a "99% Mark free finish", this is the highest quality polishing method and is also the most costly because such a level of finish can only be obtained by hand polishing using various grits and progressively working your way down to the perfect finish.

Carved out from a 15mm thick sheet, lots of work goes into actually shaping all of those bevels, then comes the finish work, hand polished to a high gloss!

The lack of an extreme bevel combined to a large contact surface (15mm thick) and a high molecular material density makes for a very durable pick!

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  • Image of one 'Kepler' crystal clear !
  • Image of one 'Kepler' crystal clear !
  • Image of one 'Kepler' crystal clear !
  • Image of one 'Kepler' crystal clear !
  • Image of one 'Kepler' crystal clear !