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The original 'ANVIL' green UHMWPE

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Introduced in 2013, I originally designed this 8mm thick plectrum for the customers suffering from arthritis, this giant pick helps release muscle tension.

UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) is a highly advanced high performance thermoplastic material used in medical orthopedic and spine implants, ballistic armor protection technology, high-performance sails, suspension lines on sport parachutes, climbing, paragliders and rigging in yachting.

This is engineer grade UHMWPE, not to be confused with the generic white UHMWPE, you will not see any cheaper generic UHMWPE on this website, only the best!

After months of research experimenting various high-tech materials, I am proud to introduce the first UHMWPE guitar plectrums (2010)!

It's not magic - it's science.

Hard enough to stand up to steel strings, tough enough to take serious punishment from modern players, and with amazing glide over the strings thanks to the super-slick surface. Those who own one will have a pick that is one of a kind, and has properties not likely to be found in any other plectrum.

The best known proprieties of this engineering grade material are:

1.Very High Abrasion Resistance
2.High Impact Strength
3.Low Coefficient Friction

UHMWPE is the slipperiest plastic anywhere in the market.

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