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Here is a guidline to the various plectrum shapes you will find on this website, the 'drop' outline is based on a standard pick, the drop is typically approx 7-8mm thick in its center unless specified in the description. All the picks I build are listed on this website, I do not build 'made to measure' plectrums, the flat 'Green Alien HufGlow' and 'Acrylic' picks are 3mm thick, the 'Aqua Blue HufGlow' is 5mm thick.

Here is a list of materials I am currently using or have been using in the past. It is almost impossible to recommend a material considering that we are all unique, have very different playing techniques and ways of using a pick, this really comes down to personal preference and experimenting, my plectrums are not bound to a specific music style. The price of a plectrum is based on the material cost, time and labour, the more expensive, the more durable.

The hard surface non porous materials offer a very big attack when hitting the strings:

  • Cell Cast Acrylic,
  • SSM
  • Polycarbonate
  • Cell Cast Cross-Linked Acrylic,
  • Polysulfone
  • Alien Green HufGlow
  • Aqua Blue HufGlow (this material is porous)
  • The fibers are porous materials and offer a softer tough when hitting the strings, if you are experiencing a 'click sound' when playing a hard surface material, this might be your materials of choice:

    • DELRIN
    • Engeneering regenerated green UHMWPE
    • Engineering virgin blue UHMWPE
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      These plectrums are trully handcrafted which means I need approx 35-45mn of work to build an acrylic/UHMWPE plectrum and a good hour to build a TECHTRON, HUFTRON and HUFTECH drop! Below you will find a video in which you can watch me build a standard acrylic pick, this gives you an idea of the time and efforts I put into my work, I want these picks to be a reflexion of my passion and dedication to my craft, enjoy!

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