Terms and conditions

By ordering from www.plectrum.ch, you agree on these terms and conditions:


Dear customers, thank you for your support! As usual, I am working very hard and doing my very best to get things moving as quickly as possible. Please be aware that postal services and customs are EXTREMELY slow due to the current situation. In other words, please be patient!

Which paiement methods do you accept ?

Due to scammers, I can only accept Paypal payments from customers who have a paypal account. Credit cards, Pre-paid credit cards or bank transfers are not eligible for 'Paypal merchant protection', so unfortunately if you use one of these methods, I'll have to cancel your order and send you a refound. Thank you for your understanding.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

Due to high demand and therefore a big workload, please allow 3 weeks from the time you place your order, till I actually start building your pick(s). An email containing a tracking number will then be sent to you once your order has shipped.

Once sent, orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. However, time delays may occur due to customs processing (which can take up to 6 weeks), week-end or hollydays.

The usual waiting time:

-UK and most of Europe - 10-25 days.
-Spain, Portugal, Italy - 15-30 days.
-USA - 15-60 days.
-Asia, Israël - 60-90 days.
-Canada, Ireland - 30-60 days.
-Brasil, Argentina - 60-90 days.
-Australia, New Zealand - 30-60 days.
-Antarctica and North Pole - That's a bit extreme!
-Mercury, Mars, Pluton, Trappist-1d, KOI1686.01 and LHS 1723b - NO IDEA!

Do you ship worldwide ?

I ship worldwide, the picks are sent to you via priority and registered post. 

Do you provide tracking information ?

Of course, once your order is sent, you will receive an email from Paypay which contains your tracking information, make sure to check your spam box in case it ended up in there !
Your package can be tracked down anytime by simply entering the provided tracking number you received into the 'track consignments' section which can be found here from Swiss customers : http://post.ch/en/private

And here for international customers: ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE TRACKING | 17TRACK

Please be aware that some countries do not update tracking information so the provided information might not keep updating once it arrives in your country. This is especially the case during this worldwide pandemic.

Important : 

Due to the nature of the product, I do not replace or offer any refund, please make sure of your choice before ordering, you can find a complete guide by visiting this page available in the store menu bar :

If a package get's lost (gladly very rare), I will contact the postal services and launch a tracking investigation which can take up to 5 weeks. Once I receive an official confirmation that the package is lost, I will then rebuild your order and send it to you taking care of all the expenses. I do not send a refund.

Will I have to pay customs fees on my order ?

Your order will probably be charged customs fees (takes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc.) when it arrives. Unfortunately, nobody has control over these fees. If you are not familiar with the customs fees in your country, please make sure to check with your local customs office for more information before ordering.
Also, I am NOT able to mark orders as 'GIFTS' for the customers who want to avoid paying these fees, simply because this is an illegal buisness practice which could get me in some severe trouble. Do not support businesses that have no problem sending out something as a gift without a good reason, this is known as 'black market'.

What about delivery delays ?

It is possible that the delivery of your order could be delayed due to customs processing and various other reasons or simply awaiting clearance at customs. Unfortunately, nobody has any control over delays, once your order has been processed, I am not responsible for delays once it leaves my workshop. Refunds will not be issued on orders that are delayed as this is not of my responsability.
If your order does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time (from experience, I would say 1 month once marked as shipped), you should check with your local customs office to see if they are holding the package for payment of fees or any other control reasons. Sometimes customs offices will send a seperate invoice for your customs fees that could arrive several weeks after you received your shipment. Please be familiar with the customs laws in your country before ordering !
I have having to write this but this happens quite often so please read carefully for follows : It is the buyer's responsability to enter the correct shipping address when ordering. I am not responsible for any delays or returns due to an incorrect shipping address. If the item is returned for this reason, the customer is responsible for paying the return shipping charges. Refounds will not be issued on orders returned due to incorrect addresses. Please check your shipping address carefully before ordering

Extra information :

All published prices are subject to change without prior notice. The logo colour might also change, this is an extra detail I include for free on some of the plectrum models.