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7mm 'BLACK JUPITER' ANVIL plectrums (Casein)

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I recently came across a rare vintage stock of Galalith, a synthetic plastic discovered in the late 19th century and popularized during the Art-Deco period of the early 20th century. Galalith is considered to be the only real alternative to Tortoiseshell, which used to be the golden standard plectrum material. Despite its popularity, the material was discontinued in the mid-70s due to its inability to be molded, causing it to fall out of favor with commercial users. Galalith is made from the interaction of casein and formaldehyde, resulting in an extremely hard material that is difficult to polish to a high gloss. However, its hardness makes it an excellent imitation of gemstones, with a strikingly realistic appearance. It's surprising to note that Galalith is a bio-plastic, making it biodegradable despite being a plastic.

Creating a single plectrum from this rare material is a labor-intensive process that takes approximately an hour to handcraft. But the end result is worth it - each plectrum is a unique and beautiful work of art.

Unlock the Power of Thicker Handcrafted Plectrums, Meticulously Created by Me!

🎸 Struggling with hand discomfort during those extended jam sessions?
🎸 Yearning for greater precision and speed in your guitar playing?
🎸 Curious about the biomechanical magic of these plectrums?

By using thicker plectrums, you can improve your playing efficiency and strength while reducing effort. This innovation minimizes hand movement and increases hand strength, resulting in less cramping and tenseness. This feature is particularly beneficial for guitarists experiencing muscular problems such as osteoarthritis or tendinitis. However, even guitarists without these issues can benefit from this bio-mechanical phenomenon. It can help them achieve greater precision, strength, and speed in their playing, making it an attractive option for adventurous musicians.

🌟 Key Benefits:

✔ Enhanced Hand Strength: Wave goodbye to hand fatigue and aches.
✔ Effortless Playing: Reduce the strain, play longer and better.
✔ Precision & Speed: Unlock your full potential as a guitarist.

Order Processing Time: Please allow up to 3 weeks from order placement for me to craft your pick(s) with care.
Shipping: Once shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number.


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35.00 EUR

  • Image of 7mm 'BLACK JUPITER' ANVIL plectrums (Casein)
  • Image of 7mm 'BLACK JUPITER' ANVIL plectrums (Casein)
  • Image of 7mm 'BLACK JUPITER' ANVIL plectrums (Casein)
  • Image of 7mm 'BLACK JUPITER' ANVIL plectrums (Casein)