What you think you are paying for when buying handcrafted works of art VS what are you really paying for ?

-Cost to make - supplies costs which also includes the import taxes and shipping for the materials. Research and development are also not free. 

-Training - in my case, going to study luthiery in a specialised technical college, learning to achieve skills and developing a unique know-how is something which is not free either and requires years of practice, trial and error. 

-Time to make - artists do not work for free, especially in countries which have a huge cost of living such as Switzerland for example. I also do not deliver you a 'cheaper plectrum' filled with tool scratches and cumbersome surfaces but instead, a unique handcrafted pick I've spent lots of time crafting and polishing to perfection because this is what I strive for.

-Self-Employed - registering in order to have the rights to legally practice your profession in your country and therefore not supporting the black market. This implies having to pay monthly fees to the social security insurances and is in no ways a hobby. In countries for example such as Switzerland, there is no coverage in case of accident if you are self-employed unless you pay an extra insurance of course.

-Bills - Just like you, we have to pay for electricity bills, health insurance(s ), phone bill(s ), online payment processing commission(s ), internet, other insurances, marketing , the workshop rent and related insurance(s ), advertisement(s ), photography, website(s ) fees, buying and taking care of the tool(s ), replacing parts, packaging, food and much much more.

Thank you for chosing to support small businesses and buying handmade, this means the world to us, the artisans !