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Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort !

This pick is the result of 2 full hours of work !

I originally designed this 11mm thick 'HUFTRON' plectrum for the customers suffering from arthritis, this giant pick helps release muscle tension.

4cm length
3cm wide
10mm thick

'HufTron' is an advanced polymer which contains a proprietary filler. This unique material has a very low coefficient of friction, is self-lubricant, offers excellent frictional behaviour and superior wear resistance and of course a fantastic grip !

Again, this is not magic - it's science.

Hard enough to stand up to steel strings, tough enough to take serious punishment from modern players, and with amazing glide over the strings thanks to the super-slick surface. Those who own one will have a pick that is one of a kind, and has properties not likely to be found in any other plectrum.

The best known proprieties of this material are:

1.Very High Abrasion Resistance
2.Low Coefficient Friction

RED 'HufTron' just made it up to the position of the hardest material to work with within the materials I use for building my plectrums, takes forever to shape and is almost physically impossible to polish to a high gloss !

This material is the perfect in-between when comparing it to the hard surface materials I am using such as 'Acrylic' and 'Polycarbonate' VS 'UHMWPE' and 'HUFTECH' which are fibers.

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  • Image of NEW: 'RED HUFTRON ERGO ANVIL' plectrum !
  • Image of NEW: 'RED HUFTRON ERGO ANVIL' plectrum !
  • Image of NEW: 'RED HUFTRON ERGO ANVIL' plectrum !