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10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)

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The world's first thick (8mm +) solid Galalith plectrums!

Put my hands on this ultra rare old vintage early 60's stock of Galalith which looks like granite!

Galalith is a synthetic plastic discovered in the late 19th century and was popularized during the early 20th century Art-Deco period. The material was manufactured till the mid 70's mostly because it could not be moulded which led to its demise by commercial end users and naturally, the production slowed due to new oil-derived wartime plastic developments. The material is created by the interaction of casein and formaldehyde. This material is extremely hard and very difficult to polish to a high gloss, in fact almost impossible to achieve the perfect high gloss surface because the material is so hard, almost like stone hence the reason why it was considered to be a perfect gemstone imitation that looked strikingly real! Fun fact which is pretty weird for a 'plastic', Galalith is a 'bio-plastic' therefore biodegradable!

I need approx an hour + of work to handcraft a single plectrum and 2 + hours to build a 'big round' or 'triangular' model!


Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort!

My plectrums are much thicker than the norm. The idea is to minimise movement and increase the guitarist’s hand strength. Less effort is required to play, which is a relief to the player. As a result, he will have less cramping and tenseness, which is very useful for guitarists suffering from osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other muscular problems. Naturally, this is also very interesting for the adventurous guitarist who has none of these problems, because this bio-mechanical phenomenon can help him obtain more precision, strength and speed too!

Mes plectres sont beaucoup plus épais que la norme. L’idée est de minimiser les mouvements et d’augmenter la force de la main du guitariste. Moins d'efforts sont nécessaires pour jouer, ce qui est un soulagement pour le joueur. En conséquence, il aura moins de crampes et de tension, ce qui est très utile pour les guitaristes souffrant d'arthrose, de tendinite ou d'autres problèmes musculaires. Naturellement, ce design est également très intéressant pour le guitariste aventureux ne souffrant d'aucun de ces problèmes, car ce phénomène biomécanique peut lui permettre d'obtenir plus de précision, de force et de vitesse de jeu !


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The world's first thick (8mm+) solid Galalith plectrums! Registered & Protected

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  • Image of 10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)
  • Image of 10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)
  • Image of 10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)
  • Image of 10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)
  • Image of 10mm 'GRANITE' ANVIL plectrums (ULTRA RARE Casein)