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Hufschmid string muter!

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The 'guitar string muter' (or string dampener) is a very popular device which prevents you from using your girlfriend's scrunchie for removing unwanted overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording or live performance. My design is based around my customers needs and feedback who wanted to be able to use a single muter for their 6, 7 and 8 string guitars. The muter can also be fitted on 4 and 5 string bass guitars!

This limited edition string muter is handcrafted using Cordura®, a high-tech and high-strength material used for it's durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. It is used extensively in military applications. The material is also impregnated with a special compound. As a result, products made from Cordura® are hydrophobic, therefore water resistant!

Unlike the cheap mass produced muters you find on internet these days, the Hufschmid muters will not fall apart, these are extremely durable and designed to last. You really get much more than what you pay for!

This unique string muter is completely handcrafted by my friend artisan-couturier 'Adelaïde Couture' here in Aigle, Switzerland. Hours of research time and development has gone into this seemingly simple product to ensure it's effective whilst remaining lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The beautiful workmanship is of the highest quality, and so in purchasing it you can be sure you are supporting an individual worker and a small business.

This unique design features a 3D tactical logo which is a first in the guitar string muter world!

Length = 19cm
Width = approx 4cm

Due to high demand, there is currently a wait of 2 weeks from the time you place your order, to build and send your muter(s).

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45.00 EUR

  • Image of Hufschmid string muter!
  • Image of Hufschmid string muter!
  • Image of Hufschmid string muter!
  • Image of Hufschmid string muter!
  • Image of Hufschmid string muter!