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The original Delrin® plectrums!

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Polyoxymethylene, best known with the generic name Delrin® is a high grade thermoplastic which has amazing wear resistance and is extremely popular in the guitar world! Here, I am using a specific engineering variety!

Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort!

My plectrums are much thicker than the norm. The idea is to minimise movement and increase the guitarist’s hand strength. Less effort is required to play, which is a relief to the player. As a result, he will have less cramping and tenseness, which is very useful for guitarists suffering from osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other muscular problems. Naturally, this is also very interesting for the adventurous guitarist who has none of these problems, because this bio-mechanical phenomenon can help him obtain more precision, strength and speed too!

The fingers contact surfaces are meticulously brushed to a satin finish and the sides are handpolished to a high gloss. This material offers fantastic grip!

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  • Image of The original Delrin® plectrums!
  • Image of The original Delrin® plectrums!